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All of Our Tutors Are Vetted and Highly Trained.
Our instructors Know The Format of the Exam Better Than Those of Any Other Company.

Various Overseas S1 S2 Degree Scholarships Are Available. We Also Provide FREE Score Diagnotic Tests For The Public. Let Us Know About Your Specific Needs.


Adaptive Study Plan

You will begin by taking a practice test so we can isolate your areas of weakness. From there your tutor will get to know your learning style and identify the areas you will focus on to maximize your score. Finally, you will receive a game plan around your learning needs, ensuring the time you spend working one-on-one with your tutor is both efficient and effective.

1-to-1 Coaching

Our Premier Tutoring offers the most personalized preparation available with an expert tutor guiding you one-on-one through a program customized especially for your particular needs and goals.

Proximity to Test-Makers

Test Formats Change All The Time. Westwood Prep has established rapport with the test-makers. We’ll Keep You Abreast of Any Test Mods

Your Success is Our Success

We immediately work on you basically from scratch, working closely with you. We know that you are busy with heavy academic course loads. Adding a prep course on top of this can be daunting.

More than just a set of questions and lessons.

Our instructors customize your learning to your strengths and weaknesses. With Westwood Prep, you’ll make more progress in less time. We carefully track students’ progress and give individualized analysis and feedback on a regular basis, so that our students are aware of their strengths and weakness and understand how to improve their scores.

Higher-Order Learning

Exam preparation course focuses on expanding the students’ ability to learn and accurately use complex academic vocabulary and sentence constructions and incorporates transferable study skills necessary for Higher Education. The course also equips students with a strategy to successfully answer all tasks on each paper. All students are given full mock exams so they get vital practice under the pressure of exam conditions.


Energy-Boost Drinks Consumed

Pinpoint-Accuracy Identification of Weaknesses And Proctored Tests

Teacher and author of our experts are here to, with pinpoint accuracy, identify weaknesses and resolve common errors of grammar and vocabulary, share study tips, and give you advice on how to survive and thrive in countries that use English.

The instructors place emphasis on the high-point sections and concepts. You will take multiple proctored practice tests. Each practice test is reviewed with the students in order to point out common mistakes and to identify weak areas. The instructor teaches time management tricks to help students prepare for the real test.

Kick-Start Your Test Preparation With A TRIAL Course!

Give your Test prep the right direction! Dive deeper into the material and strategies.
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Reason 1

A high test score will also be used in assessing the overall quality of your application. The proposal helps an academic school or department establish whether it has the expertise to support your proposed area of study.

Reason 2

A high score will increase the chances of admission in top ranked Universities. Chances of getting Scholarships / Financial Aid are higher with a high test score.

Reason 3

Moreover, visa Officers give more weightage to high scores while considering your visa applications.

Why You Must Get a High Test Score?

Let Our Experts Advise You

Plain Vocab-Lists Are Anachronistic!

Learn vocabulary the fun way. A psychological study substantiated that vocabulary learning using flashcards is a more effective study technique than using plain word lists. Learning vocabulary is made efficient by memorable and hilarious cartoon mnemonics and word associations. Flashcards link words and their meanings very intelligently, logically and effortlessly.
Westwood Prep has designed innovative flashcards to improve your:
* Active recall
* Cartoon mnemonics
* Meta cognition
* Self-study mechanism
* Memory clue
* Contextual meaning of the word

Achieve a Test Score You Can Be Proud Of. The Right Teacher Makes All The Difference.

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