Westwood Prep METHOD

Free From Rote Memorization

We believe that the best courses nurture real understanding, free of rote memorization or flashy gimmicks. Thus, our training philosophy emphasizes direct instruction with clear explanations, active participation, and the use of realistic practice questions.

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Dormant Potential Unleashed

Every person has the potential for a strong command of English.

The right score can be the difference between getting their dream acceptance letter and settling for 2nd choice.

Inspired by Difference

We believe education should proceed via shared inquiry and honest discussion; thoughtful depth about a subject is preferable to broad or rapid coverage. The Intellectual bar should be set high in the classrooms.

Your decision to improve your English means that you will be making a major investment in your time and your energy.

At Westwood Prep we understand that your commitment has to be equalled by ours. That’s why we have great teachers and unique materials. All waiting for you.

Awakening of the Senses

Teachers ask questions, awakening a sense of wonder in the students and prompting them to think deeply about the subject matter. Under the guidance of their teachers, Westwood Prep students learn how to participate with confidence. Teachers monitor the frequency and quality of participation throughout the quarter, and day-to-day participation is a significant component in determining a student’s overall grade.

Our first priority is to encourage student responsibility by establishing an open and timely line of communication between students and their individual teachers.


A lecture-based classroom is more likely to produce passive, disengaged students, but a Socratic classroom demands active engagement on the part of the student. For this reason, all classes at Westwood Prep place a strong emphasis on student participation.

Tactical & Intelligent

Real learning is more than taking memorizing formulas and listening to lectures. It’s an interactive process of identifying weaknesses, and learning how to address them. It’s a process that demands hands-on advice.

Custom-Made Materials

Westwood Prep materials are tailored to our students and their objectives. We don’t use a standard book or a formulaic course, because they are just not good enough. Students get the complete set of books for concepts, strategies and practice! No other company comes close to giving you this comprehensive kit!

At Your Own Pace

That’s why we continue to innovate and connect students with the right tools, personalized learning, guaranteed results, and expert teachers to help them achieve their educational goals

Our True Passion

Our Reward Is Your Success.

Everyone measures success differently. It might be a 99th percentile score or finally realizing you aren’t bad at math. Or maybe it’s knowing your employees and students have the help they need to do their very best

We give you everything you need to make studying a breeze.

Most Ambitious Score Improvement

Stronger Chance

Practice exams are the most important step on the path toward better scores and stronger college applications. Standardized test scores typically carry 25% weight of the college application, so it’s important for students to be exposed to full-length practice tests early and often.

We’ve had extensive experience and conducted years of research that show when students take practice tests for the first time and receive the score results in a vacuum, they feel demoralized; which is why we strongly encourage all students to review their scores with a testing expert to put their score in context.

All Revealed

Strategies And Techniques Covered

Our Test Prep Courses examine in detail the sections of the exam, with a special focus on the syntax-related components. The course takes an in-depth look at strategies related to the integrated writing and reading comprehension sections of the exam, teaching the student strategies to arrive at the true intent of the test’s questions.

Our Core Strength

Emphasis on Writing

It also goes over the Essay component of the exam, detailing the specifics of a successful essay. The course is structured so that both the novice and expert test-takers will learn valuable techniques for eliminating wrong answers and choosing correct ones. Each question is discussed in-depth with a step-by-step analysis of the thought processes required to arrive at the correct solution.

Holistic Teaching

Westwood Prep courses take advantage of our many years of experience preparing students from a wide variety of backgrounds to excel on the test. We’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the test prep techniques that have been shown to work, and packaged them together into a course that maximizes efficiency of effort on the part of our students.


We’re familiar with the most current modes of thought on teaching and learning the material associated with the test. We’ve also kept the best strategies from earlier versions of the test, which has been revised a number of times in recent years. The result is the perfect marriage of cutting-edge didactic methods and time-honored pedagogical tradition.

Our Promise

Westwood Prep prep classes give our students a firm understanding of how the test itself is designed, how to approach each section, and how to make the most of study time, which produces outstanding results within a reasonable amount of time and effort.

Trusted Guidance

Your instructors will give you hints on difficult questions, advise what areas of the argument you should have honed in on for the correct answer, and generate an analysis of not only the types of questions on which you struggle, but the parts of that question, such as logical force or difficult terminology, that are difficult.


Westwood Prep courses draw upon our many years of experience preparing students from widely varied backgrounds to excel on the test. We’re familiar with the various teaching methods and materials and have distilled the essentials to boost your score.


Based on our intimate knowledge of test prep techniques, we’ve honed them into an effective course to help you conquer the test. We’ve also retained and updated the best strategies from earlier versions of the tests (which itself has gone through many revisions).


Westwood Prep prep classes give our students a firm understanding of how the test itself is designed, how to approach each section, and how to make the most of study time and yield outstanding results.

Full Assistance

Our tutors can help you conquer your college courses and maintain a strong GPA. From tackling tough homework assignments to studying for a big test or writing an essay, our instructors are available to help 24/7.

We offer assistance and advice in every stage of the university application process for both undergraduate and gradute programs.

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After you’ve gotten to know us, we think you’ll agree we offer the best English Course around.