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We take pride in our track record of helping students achieve a score improvement. Many of our students have shown huge score improvements (from initial diagnostic to final score) – we’ve seen as high as 30 point improvements! Read our GRE Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials
Blueprint GRE classroom students increase their practice GRE scores by an average of 20 points.
Our score increases is measured from the first practice exam in the course to a student’s best practice exam. See below for more details. Twenty points is amazing, but we didn’t stop there.
Many of our students experience ridiculously huge score increases. ”

Ruth CrawfordWestwood Prep Instructor

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Tris Agung

GRE Score: V 166 / Q 160

Westwood Prep helped me a lot, emphasizing all the math and verbal important concepts in a comprehensive way. One month before the exam , I gave Ms. Angel’s practice test a try. Well, I didn’t score that much. But their questions sets, were really similar , and they appeared on the exam day. Hahhaha.
Their email service was remarkably good, and reinforced all my doubt.Thanks to Ms. Angel. ?

Indri Chandra

GRE Score: V 163 / Q 166

My problem was more timing than knowledge. Mr. Saturn’s explanations and emais were extremely helpful in making me realize how I could narrow down my answers. Also, the emails are always written with encouragement so they always keep my spirits up. :)Ms. Angel always gave tips on managing stress. It was really helpful in getting me into the mindset and not letting myself get into cycles of feeling stressed out and depressed. God Bless Them.

Stephanie Mulyana

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 163

Westwood Prep lessons and question explanations were of importance to my preparation. Whenever I didn’t understand a question type, I would consult my instructor, Mr. Saturn. I did all of the math practice problems, then redid most of the questions I had missed toward the end of my studying. I got a huge score increase. :). Hehehe.

Johnny Tan

GRE Score: V 162 / Q 163

Westwood Prep offers a plentiful question bank with nice features to keep track of my progress. Westwood Prep email support is wonderful. Anytime I have a question about difficult questions, their customer support team will give detailed answer. I can imagine the time and effort the team invested to help students understand the questions.I highly recommend to finish all the Hard and Very Hard questions in the Quant section. They will help you to be familiar with the common mistakes you may make on the test day. ?

Jennifer Suliawati

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 161

Westwood Prep practice questions were very good. The best thing was that we were able to choose the difficulty level. All topics were covered in depth. Maths was very well covered. Both the instructors were very good and reflected how passionately they were teaching. Westwood Prep’s material helped me go to 153 and 167 . Plus, the guys were extremely polite, helpful and considerate. They are ready to hold your hand and take you through the end. ? Thanks.

Imelda Javier

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 167

When I took the official GRE practice test, I recognized myweaknesses: my poor vocabulary and slowness in answering math questions. Thankfully, Westwood Prep GRE Course was able to help me improve both of them. The flashcards let me study anytime and I expanded my vocabulary by over 2000 words. The math practice questions helped me develop strategies to answer questions more quickly. I also really appreciated the customer service team who quickly responded to my requests. Westwood Prep gave me the confidence to take my GRE test.

Angelica Boen

GRE Score: V 165 / Q 163

Mr. Saturn helped me in many ways actually.
1) It helped me polish my mathematical concepts which I had learned a few years back.
2) I found it very effective in verbal, especially the strategies mentioned by Mr.Pascal. The difficulty of the practice questions inured me for the actual GRE.
3) The best part about Westwood Prep is the GRE Flash Cards. around 95% of the words in the actual GRE were there. TWO THUMBS UP! HAHA…

Michelle Hartini

GRE Score: V 163 / Q 168

Approaching GRE can be a daunting task for many, but Westwood Prep course and study materials are wonderful assets to have. I was able to identify and rectify my weaknesses that I had. Thanks to all at Westwood Prep! Especially Mr.Reeds
Andra Yogi PratamaPertamina, Manager

Mr. Han and Mr. Reeds were solely responsible for my score: 332. Almost every tough word that I encountered in the actual GRE happened to be there in the flashcards. Westwood Prep had been very helpful and had it not been for them, I would not have gotten the score that I got.

Elisa HaryantoBostong Consulting, Consultant

Mr. Han really helped me a lot. From 153 to taking my score to 163. Amazing! The practice tests were comprehensive, and really are representative of what one might come on the actual GRE. Excellent explanation of all topics. Thanks a lot Mr.Han and Mr. Adams and the other English and Mathematics experts.

Angelina BrataKPMG, Auditor

After browsing through the course options, many of the Westwood Prep reviews I read pointed to either Mr.Han or Mr.Blake. I got Mr.Han. That turned out to be the right decision.
He is engaging, funny, and knowledgeable about both the mechanics and the content of the GRE.

George ChenBank Central Asia, Executive Director

Approaching GRE can be a daunting task for many, but Westwood Prep course and study materials are wonderful assets to have. I was able to identify and rectify my weaknesses that I had. Thanks to all at Westwood Prep! Especially Mr.Reeds

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