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We take pride in our track record of helping students achieve a score improvement. Many of our students have shown huge score improvements (from initial diagnostic to final score) – we’ve seen as high as 30 point improvements! Read our IELTS Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials
Blueprint IELTS classroom students increase their practice IELTS scores by an average of 20 points.
Our score increases is measured from the first practice exam in the course to a student’s best practice exam. See below for more details. Twenty points is amazing, but we didn’t stop there.
Many of our students experience ridiculously huge score increases. ”

Ruth CrawfordWestwood Prep Instructor

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Jenny Indriyanto

IELTS Score: 7.5 (R7.5, L7.5, S7.5, W8.0)

Mr. Saturn was a fantastic instructor and was readily available both in and out of the classroom. He also really enjoyed teaching the course and brought a lot of energy into the classroom. The overall course was easy to follow and well organized. I was impressed with the unlimited consutation and IELTS study resources the English center provided me. I was very happy with test scores, and I am so thankful to have met the English center!

Jessica Untung

IELTS Score: 8.5 (R8.5, L8.0, S8.5, W8.0)

I cannot give enough praise to Mr. George. I feel that his methods were very effective. Without Mr. George, my IELTS scores would not have exceeded 70 points. I am thrilled with the scores! Not to mention that I could always get IELTS study materials from him whenever I asked him. Well…Great to have met the guy. One of the funniest guys I have ever met in my entire life.

Ferry Martin

IELTS Score: 8.0 (R8.0, L8.0, S8.0, W8.0)

My teacher, Ms. Betty was extremely helpful in nailing down the tough concepts and providing strategy and feedback. She helped to prioritize my focus and time and guided me to a good score of 100 for IELTS. I give Ms Betty and Mr. Han the highest praise.All of the resources Westwood Prep provided were extremely helpful. Overall, Westwood Prep gives you everything you could ever need to get a great score, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. That’s it. Not much huh? Huaha…Thank you Mr. Han and Ms. Betty and the other teachers.

Nanda Simajuntak

IELTS Score: 8.0 (R8.5, L8.5, S8.0, W7.5)

I am Nanda from British International School. During the four-month period, Mr. Han diligently worked with me one-to-one to not only increase my overall score but influenced my attitude. Mr.Han demonstrated to be a real subject matter expert in his field with a great depth of understanding of the topics he taught. Mr. Han was also flexible enough to make accommodations upon my request in more than one occasion. It was great meeting him. Bye.

Gina Indrawati

IELTS Score: 7.5 (R7.5, L8.5, S7.5, W78.0)

I was paired with Mr. Mark and Mr. Han. Their enthusiasm about teaching were exactly what I needed after my 2nd attempt at IELTS Mr.Mark was very diligent and knowledgeable. Mr.Mark couldn’t tutor me in July because of his previous engagement, but he clearly wrote down assignments and articles for me to do. Then I was assigned another substitute mentor, Mr. Han.As for Mr.Han, he wouldn’t mind staying a few extra mins if I have questions at the end of the session. During our sessions, he was always positive and encouraged me all the time. That was very important to me. He taught me very useful skills such as how to tackle specific questions and gave me drill sheets. Mr. Han was also very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions. I can’t thank Mr. Han and Mr.Mark enough for teaching me the right way to deal with the IELTS and for believing me even when I doubt myself! If you are thinking of a tutor, they are definitely the right guys!

Agus Chandra

IELTS Score: 8.0 (R8.0, L7.5, S7.5, W8.0)

I studied at Jakarta International School but my English was not that good. My girlfriend enrolled me in IELTS class during my holidays, but at the end of the course, I really felt that it was worth it. Plus the teachers did a good job teaching us, while keeping us entertained. Thank you, Mr Han, Mr George and Ms Angel

Jenny Kumalasari

IELTS Score: 8.0 (R8.0, L8,0, 7.5, W8.0)

You guys have the best student response. I have enrolled in your school three times in the last 2 years & I’m really impressed with your teachers. Especially Mr. Han and Ms. Angel. They amazed me.

Michelle Lee

IELTS Score: 8.0 (R9.0, L8.0, S7.5, W8.0)

I took the IELTS class with Mr. Han as highly recommended by my friend, who scored 8.5 bandscore. The first class I had with Mr.Han, I realized he is AWESOME! Not only he was able to explain questions clearly, he taught the strategy of solving questions given limited time. Plus, he was very nice and had good humor. He is a fast speaker…and a joker. Those times we had in the class, with Andrew and Christian. Unforgettable!!I would recommend Westwood Prep and Mr. Han to anyone who wants to crack the IELTS test. Kudos to them!
Andrea SantosoBona Vista Student

Had lessons with Mr. Han and Ms. Chelsey. They both zeroed in on both my strengths and weaknesses and designed a study plan specific to my needs. I also feel that they sincerely cared about me!

Eve TanakaGandhi Memorial School

After browsing through the course options, many of the Westwood Prep reviews I read pointed to either Mr.Han or Mr.Blake. I got Mr.Han. That turned out to be the right decision. He is engaging, funny, and knowledgeable about both the mechanics and the content of the IELTS test. You will find that understanding the IELTS itself is just as important as understanding the formulas, grammar rules, etc. that the questions are derived from. He also is very approachable for questions in class or via email.

Teddy MaxwinCommonwealth Bank, Manager

My class was top-notch. The structure of the class, the homework, and the online learning were high quality. I would not have been able to study for this test effectively with just a book - the curriculum helped me navigate the sea of content, in the right order. Thx Mr. George. 🙂

Handi KusumoBCG, Consultant

Mr. Isaac, the instructor, was excellent: he anticipated our questions, explained everything clearly, spent extra time to help us after class if we needed, and was funny. I really appreciated the approach of the class as well. I got 7.5 on my second try of IELTS. I would recommend the school to anybody.

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