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We are a Jakarta-based English language education company, with a team of experienced business analysts, writers, lawyers and English fanatics amidst our academic team.

Born from the idea that the current quality of English institutions are not enough for the world, we believe that someone has to emerge or even exceed and surpass others in his own image.

We strive to be that someone.

Various Overseas S1 S2 Degree Scholarships Are Available. We Also Provide FREE Score Diagnotic Tests For The Public. Let Us Know About Your Specific Needs.

The Difference

First of all, we go for the best instructors and that is the reason we go to great lengths recruiting native-speakers from top overseas universities outside Indonesia. In addition to giving practice vocabulary and grammar, we also provide tips and tricks do the problems, and simulation tests with the same conditions as in the actual test.

Our Solutions Are Implemented With a Focus on Customer Satisfaction & English Proficiency Growth.

No Communication Limits

Established as a result of the sheer passion for imparting English to the World and dedicated quality training for various competitive exams.

The four Westwood Prep founders each taught standardized tests well before starting their own company. They found that English classes, as they were practiced, utilized dry curricula and even dryer teaching methods. As they developed ways of overcoming this problem a theme emerged: Edu-Tainment.

The company founded on two principles. They wanted to make their classes and materials interesting enough that students would actually enjoy studying and they wanted to make a company for which they’d want to work.

Our Skills

Passionate & Conversational


99% Percentile SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT


Extremely Proficient in English


Non-Indonesian Alma Mater


Inspiring & Engaging


The Principles the Company Was Founded on:

The Ethos of ‘Edutainment’

Deliver Maximum Value

Teaching is 100% face-to-face and your lessons will focus on authentic everyday English with real-life topics and practical language tasks. We have been passionate about teaching English and our method is proven and aligned to global standards of language acquisition and education

Understanding Your Needs

The ethos of “edu-tainment” — mastery of the materials combined with engaging teaching methods — permeates the entire company. But this isn’t fun for the sake of fun. It’s fun for the sake of performance, and our results demonstrate that our methods work.

Long-Term Partnership

Since 2008, Westwood Prep has offered the best English courses anywhere, so much so that comparisons with other companies are somewhat embarrassing (for them, of course).

Proficiency Conditioning the Westwood Prep Way

Westwood Prep’s books don’t look like standard textbooks. Its classes don’t feel like the orthodox classes, and its instructors, well…they’re kind of rock stars: slightly unusual rock stars.

In 2008, a radical idea: students learn better from better teachers. His vision of what test prep could be if taught by great educators led him to assemble a team of highly qualified teachers, recruiting only those with 99th percentile scores and substantial teaching experience. And with them, Westwood Prep was born.

If students have fun, they’ll learn more and perform better.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome people.

Not Store-Bought

We do not use a standard store-bought course books. Our online study center will provide you unlimited amount of high-quality supplementary practices to explain the most difficult concepts and help students build familiarity with the tests.

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Our material ensures that students are more than adequately prepared for the exams and do well. It is periodically updated by the faculty, so that it remains within the revised scope of expectations.

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Our study material is comprehensive and exhaustive and yet it defines a narrow syllabus so that students do not waste time going through a lot of unnecessary study material.

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Stunning Progress Rate.

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