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We take pride in our track record of helping students achieve a score improvement. Many of our students have shown huge score improvements (from initial diagnostic to final score) – we’ve seen as high as 30 point improvements! Read our GMAT Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials
Blueprint GMAT classroom students increase their practice GMAT scores by an average of 20 points.
Our score increases is measured from the first practice exam in the course to a student’s best practice exam. See below for more details. Twenty points is amazing, but we didn’t stop there.
Many of our students experience ridiculously huge score increases. ”

Ruth CrawfordWestwood Prep Instructor

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Jasmine Bong

GMAT Score: 720

I followed the 6-month Quant-heavy course, and it was a huge help in keeping me organized. Being able to see exactly what I got wrong when I did miss questions allowed me to learn from my mistakes more quickly. Mr Han and Ms. Angel were of great help to me. Thanks to them, I got admitted to Cornell University. Yay!

Jerry Basuki

GMAT Score: 720

Mr. Han was a great help. The customer support was very prompt and I got my answer for any question I was stuck at within 24 hours. The english and math lessons were great. The topics were narrowly focused helping me improve particular strategies. I love the question bank and the explanations to each question. The explanations reinforced the learning on each topic. Thanks for all the support. Now I feel like I am indebted to Ms. Janice and Mr. Han and of Course Westwood Prep. Cheers. ?

Stephen Tjokro

GMAT Score: 740

The instructors at Westwood Prep are top-notch. I would never expect to see them at other institutes. The institution itself is an idealist one. I enrolled at Mr. George’s 6-month course for Advanced students and was able to go from a 560 on a practice test to a 720 on my first actual GMAT.I like Mr.George’s teaching: “Think like a GMAT test-writer.” GMAT scores are good for 5 years, I would recommend taking the GMAT about a year out from your application process. The GMAT is a Godzilla by itself and the added stress of the university application process will keep you from getting your target score.

Laura Haryanto

GMAT Score: 710

Westwood Prep was fantastic. Unlimited Study Materials. I love ittt!!! I knew that, regardless of my score, I would be recommending Westwood Prep to friends. I got 760 for my second GMAT test. Wuahaha… The lessons were so approachable. I found myself watching lessons, taking notes, doing problems, then returning a month or two later to repeat the process after taking tests and doing more problems.Mr. George is easily one of my favorite teachers I’ve had throughout my life. His explanations are so clear and simple that he makes even complex problems approachable and manageable. I enjoy reading his blog. I don’t know if there is a better standardized test teacher in existence. Without Mike, Westwood Prep would have been good but not great. As much as I love the branding and culture Westwood Prep seems to have, if Mr.George were elsewhere, I’d probably follow.

Aila Chen

GMAT Score: 710

Biggest improvement was in my quantitative score. I was able to get an intuitive understanding of the number properties because of the explanations provided by Mr. Pascal. With respect to verbal, Ms. Angel improved my consistency since it gave me a strong foundation especially in sentence correction. Cheers. God Bless both of you. I am flying to USA 3 weeks from now. Hope to see you guys again. Keep in touch. I’ll whatsapp you guys from the states. Hahaha. ?

Icha Putri

GMAT Score: 670

I gained a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts necessary to ace the quant section of the GMAT. After solving all the questions and watching the video explanations for those I failed, I had a better understanding of the major pitfalls. English is not my first language but I regularly read magazines like the Economist, WSJ and Business week so my main focus with the verbal section was practicing the Verbal Flashcards. Thanks to Ms. Janice too. She was terrific. She is now my friend since we both share the same passion: teaching.

Rina Muliana

GMAT Score: 690

Westwood Prep was very supportive. Helpful guidance was provided at each stage. The question banks are uncountable. LOL! Moreover I found that the difficulty level is at par with that of the questions in actual GMAT. Though my quant score dropped a bit in actual exam, I’m satisfied with the improvement that I could make in verbal from 35 to 44. Last but not the least, I must mention that the IR sessions are just enough for what one needs to know to face the GMAT test. GBU. Ms. Janice.

Rico Effendi

GMAT Score: 730

Westwood Prep has helped me in many ways.1. Unparalleled Support and Unlimited study materials (5-Star). Incredible. Haha…
2. I am very much satisfied with Ms. Jennifer. Amazing number of real past practise questions, and their quality. I spent most of my time on the Verbal sections. I loved the Westwood Prep Flash Cards.
Andrea GilangKPMG, Consultant

Mr Han helped me understand the concepts in quant that I was struggling with such as divisibility and number properties by giving me ample difficult problems to solve. The Manhattan Prep Strategy Guide books and the practice exams were extremely helpful as well in understanding concepts especially sentence correction rules though the quant section on the practice exams was a little tougher and can demoralize oneself at times. But all in all it the course is an excellent way to give yourself that push and reach higher scores.

Eva KurniawanDeloitte, Consultant

Mr. Reeds provided multiple strategies to tackle problems to accommodate personal strengths and weaknesses. His approach to teaching is engaging and in response to the students’ needs. There wasn’t a time that went by where he did not ask for feedback and updates on students’ individual progress. While he’s fast in covering content, he was willing to slow down when asked. He’s friendly, patient, and responsive to emails if I had questions for him outside class hours. Definitely recommended.

Jasmine RenataAstra International, Business Development Manager

Before signing up for my 16-week GMAT prep course I did a lot of research online and asked coworkers/friends for recommendations about where and with who to take it. Westwood Prep was hands down the recommendation. I chose the class based on its convenience with my schedule (and the need to discipline my studying by committing to an in-person course) and had high expectations. I met Mr. Han and Mr. Reeds there. I found their strategies for mastering content to be very helpful.

Eddy PidenaBank Mandiri, Headquarters Manager

I was assigned Mr. Han at Westwood Prep and what I appreciated most was the way that he helped put things into perspective. He was very responsive to my emails even after the class ended. Mr.Han was a great mentor and I know I couldn't have received the score I did without the strategies I learned from him. I got 690 at my first try.

Kartika MulyanaDeloitte, Consultant

The most useful pieces of information I gleaned from the course were the overall test taking strategies. Self-study was a big NO-NO for me. GMAT is a monster! The course was very helpful in keeping my study schedule on track. It seems that the overall quality of teachers employed by Westwood Prep is very high. My teacher, Mr. Han and Mr. George, were awesome: very knowledgable and funny. I also sat in on a makeup class with Ms. Janice, and she was great as well.
I definitely recommend the Westwood Prep course to anyone who wants to improve on his test score.

Ricky SedayoColliers, Manager

- Incredible Teacher
- Great Schedule
- Study Materials (this was UNLIMITED, AWESOME!!)
- Final Test Assessment was very helpful

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