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We take pride in our track record of helping students achieve a score improvement. Many of our students have shown huge score improvements (from initial diagnostic to final score) – we’ve seen as high as 30 point improvements! Read our TOEFL Jakarta Course Test Prep Testimonials
Blueprint TOEFL classroom students increase their practice TOEFL scores by an average of 20 points.
Our score increases is measured from the first practice exam in the course to a student’s best practice exam. See below for more details. Twenty points is amazing, but we didn’t stop there.
Many of our students experience ridiculously huge score increases. ”

Ruth CrawfordWestwood Prep Instructor

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Yanti Rintihan

TOEFL Score: 113 (R28, L30, S28, W27)

Mr. Clay helped me get a lot more familiar with the TOEFL, and more importantly, it helped me put together my own essay with the help of those sample responses and templates.This worked very well for me. TOEFL isn’t just about your English proficiency. Test strategies and tactics matter too!!I love his British accent.:)

Ufi Syamsul

TOEFL Score: 107 (R27, L29, S25, W26)

After taking the classes, I found that I was still struggling with writing. I then took private lessons with Mr.Han who helped me to cross the 90 mark. Mr.Han is an awesome teacher who genuinely cares for his students and is always available to answer questions, even when he is on vacation. Group classes are fine. However, if there are specific areas that need work, I would sign up for private lessons (they are expensive, but worth it). “It really saves me time and effort.

Irene Suliawan

TOEFL Score: 112 (R28, L28, S28, W28)

Mr. Han taught me to think strategically and helped me to approach the exam. It showed me where my weaknesses lied at. He also gave me tonnes!!!!! of practice materials for me to do. His desk is always in a mess. Probably because of the sheer number of students in the school. Hahaha…I can help you tidy your desk for 20,000 rupiah

Christian Tan

TOEFL Score: 107 (R30, L27, S25, W25)

The practice tests provided really good insight as to what kind of questions I might run into in the real test. Also, the speaking and writing sample responses helped me articulate my thoughts and present them in a structured and organized manner. My teacher, Mr. Clay was a genuine newspaper editor for Jakarta Post, so he handled editing my essays with ease. LOL!…:)

Chichi Dahlia

TOEFL Score: 105 (R25, L25, S28, W27)

The classes were incredibly helpful and both of my instructors, Mr. Han and Mr.Ryan were really knowledgeable and approachable. They teach you so many tricks that you would never learn by just reading the books.

Rachel Handoko

TOEFL Score: 109 (R23, L28, S27, W25)

I took the prep course with Ms. Kimberly Johnson, and I really enjoyed it. She’s very passionate about teaching the class and extremely knowledgeable as well. What I enjoyed most was her unique approach to solving reading comprehension problems. For example, while she would show us how to solve problems the “traditional” way, she would often point out a simpler solution that relied more on common sense thinking.

Andre Lesmono

TOEFL Score: 103 (R23, L28, S27, W25)

Most importantly, my teachers, Mr George instilled confidence and helped me rid my test anxiety and panic. I ultimately picked them because I read so many positive reviews about them, and the reviews were right. I hadn’t heard of Reed Arnold, but I will say that he was SO HELPFUL in my process to learning. I would even e-mail sometimes at 2am and he would still respond to try and help me with problems!!! Seriously, what a guy.

Yoana Sugianto

TOEFL Score: 109 (R23, L28, S27, W25)

Jennifer Banks was great. The great thing about this place is that the questions are very similar to those in the actual TOEFL, sometimes even more difficult. This helped me a lot, because at first I thought I was not getting any better. Then I took the official ETS practice test and noticed that I actually improved my test skills significantly. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me. But I think I am taking the IELTS test, not TOEFL. So I am gonna see Ms Jennifer again. Hahaha…My parents decided to send me to Australia.
Zack LeeBCG, Consultant

It was my first attempt in TOEFL exam, but I didn't perform well. But thanks to Westwood Prep team, who helped me with my studies effectively and in very less time. As I am working person and so, I could hardly give time to studies , but in last two weeks before exam, I practice with Westwood Prep TOEFL Package and it helped me really to the core in understanding the format of exam.

Imelda SulisyoJakarta Intercultural School

I benefited a lot from the lessons for each section, specially for speaking, listening and writing. I gave the exam in Dec. 2016 and my score was 78. When I took it again last month, I was very sure that I will get higher score but honestly I did not expect this 25 plus. Thank you Westwood Prep.

Susan RahmaPriceWaterCooper, Consultant

My main concern with taking the TOEFL was the type of questions and their difficulty level. Despite being a proficient speaker of English, I felt hassled by the question types and formats. Fortunately, Westwood Prep had a wide range of questions that helped me prepare thoroughly. I had a difficulty with listening, I couldn't catch everything that was being spoken. The videos suggested different methods to summarize the lectures. I played around with my strategy as suggested. The results speak for themselves. Regarding the speaking section, I would suggest test takers to relax and speak clearly. Don't worry about stuttering, pausing or not being able to complete your sentence. Plan what you will speak in the 15/20 seconds that's allotted.

Jackie Max BudionoPenabur International, Student

Westwood Prep Prep is actually extraordinarily good in every aspect. The video lessons were abundantly enough to familiarize myself with the Test Pattern, Sections on the Test, Question Types (even the frequency of occurrence of the Question Types, which was quite accurate compared to my actual test). The Westwood Prep practice questions and the real Test questions were very close in comparison. All in all, it was really great. I crammed for just ten days.

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